The manufacturer tells you what fault analysis is




1. The speaker is disconnected or the frequency divider is abnormal. After the speaker wiring is broken, the speaker unit has no excitation voltage, which will cause silent fault. The divider is not easy to break, but it may have some faults, such as wire joint desoldering, frequency divider capacitor short circuit and so on.

2. Broken voice coil. The multimeter R × 1 can be used to measure the lead wire solder of the loudspeaker. If the resistance value is ∞, a knife can be used to scrape off the sealing paint of the lead wire at both ends of the voice coil, expose the bare copper wire, and then measure it. If it is still not working, it means that the lead wire of the voice coil is broken. If the measurement is passed and there is a "click" sound, it means that the lead wire of the voice coil is open, the lead wire of the voice coil can be soldered well, and then another section of the enameled wire close to the voice coil wire can be used to weld properly Yes.

3. Speaker lead is broken. Due to the frequent vibration of the loudspeaker paper basin, the braided wire is easy to break, sometimes the wire is broken, but the cotton core wire remains connected. This kind of braid is not easy to buy and can be replaced by a slightly longer flexible wire.

4. The voice coil is burnt. Use the multimeter R × 1 to measure the speaker lead. If the resistance is close to 0 Ω and there is no "click" sound, it indicates that the voice coil is burnt. Before replacing the voice coil, first remove the sundries in the magnetic gap, and then carefully put the new voice coil into the magnetic gap, righting the voice coil, while listening, fix the up and down positions of the voice coil with strong glue. After the voice coil is placed in the best position, use strong glue to fill the gap between the voice coil and the paper basin to about half, and finally seal the dust cover, put the speaker paper basin up, and then it can be used normally.

Sometimes there is no sound

1. Poor speaker lead. It is usually caused by mould break or poor welding of voice coil lead. When the paper basin vibrates frequently, the breakpoint is connected and disconnected from time to time, forming the fault of no sound when it rings irregularly.

2. Voice coil lead is broken or about to be short circuited.

3. The output socket of the power amplifier is in poor contact or the input line of the speaker is broken.

1. Loudspeakers have poor performance, and the magnetism of magnetic steel is reduced. The sensitivity of loudspeaker mainly depends on the magnetism of permanent magnet, the quality of paper basin and the quality of assembly process. The ferromagnetic object can be used to touch the magnetic steel, and the magnetic strength of the magnetic steel can be roughly estimated according to the magnitude of the attraction. If the magnetic strength is too weak, the speaker can only be replaced.

2. The magnetic core is loose. When the magnetic core column of the loudspeaker is loose, it will be attracted to one side by the magnetic plate, so that the voice coil is squeezed and normal sound generation is hindered. During maintenance, press the paper basin gently. If it can't be pressed, it may be that the voice coil is pressed by the core column. It can only be reused after disassembly and re bonding.

3. The frequency divider is abnormal. When there is a bad component in the frequency divider, the signal in the corresponding frequency band is blocked, and the loudspeaker in this frequency band has a low volume fault. It is important to check whether the shunt frequency dividing capacitor with bass speaker is short circuited and whether the shunt frequency dividing inductance coil with tweeter speaker is short circuited between layers.

Abnormal voice

1. There are sundries in the magnetic gap. If there are sundries entering the magnetic gap, the voice coil will rub with the sundries during vibration, resulting in hoarseness.

2. Core wiping of voice coil. The voice coil position is not correct, and it collides with the magnetic core, resulting in sound distortion. The voice coil position shall be corrected or replaced during maintenance.

3. The paper basin is broken. If the damaged area is large, the paper basin shall be replaced. If the damaged area is small, it can be repaired with a thinner paper basin or other paper with better toughness.

4. Poor box. Poor sealing of the box body or improper installation of the decorative mesh cover will cause cracking sound during playing. In addition, the thin box plate causes resonance, which also causes sound abnormality.