Maintenance tips of Bluetooth speaker



1. Keep away from heat source and humid area

Quickly keep your Bluetooth speakers away from the sun and all the hot radiators such as furnaces and heaters whose temperature is close to the sun, and do not go to the humid places. Yes, the Bluetooth speakers are far less tenacious than they seem.

2. Do not exceed rated power

Although the parameters are false again, you should pay attention to the rated power, because once the rated power is exceeded, the sound quality may be lowered, or even the speaker may be damaged.

3. Shell maintenance

No matter what material and price of the Bluetooth speaker you buy, you need to spend some time to wipe it regularly. It's easy to wipe it. Just wipe the dust on the speaker with soft and dry cotton cloth.

4. Speaker maintenance

This may cause a little trouble. You need to use a soft brush to clean the dust. Remember not to replace the soft brush with a vacuum cleaner because you are lazy. No matter how small the strength of the vacuum cleaner is.

5. Finally, the placement of Bluetooth speakers

Even if it's a small and light-weight Bluetooth speaker, you should put it on a solid surface to ensure the bass effect. Then remember not to get too close to the wall.

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