Shenzhen speaker manufacturers: speakers in use should pay attention to what problems



As people who like music, they have a speaker at home. However, sometimes we find that all kinds of problems arise suddenly when we use the speaker. Most of the problems are caused when we use the speaker. What problems should we pay attention to when using the speaker? Today's editor will give you a brief introduction.

Note 1: for the newly purchased speaker, we need to run it in like a new car, that is, the "cooker" in the speaker industry. Only after full running in can the speaker play its potential. As the important part "loudspeaker" inside the speaker is the key part to determine the sound quality and service life of the speaker, and most of the speakers are composed of reinforced paper basin or bulletproof cloth. The new speakers are generally rigid and need to be softened, so the speaker needs to be burnt for a while to be better and more durable. Many people find that the speakers need to be cooked for some time to be better. We agree. The only difference is that some people advocate using loud volume to cook. This is not right. In fact, the running in of the speaker box and the car is the same reason. The mechanical part (the vibration part is equivalent to the mechanical part) can be best run in slowly. The crazy cooker is not good for the speaker at all, and the voice circle with poor cooker may be deformed. Therefore, slow stewing with slow fire can make you taste, otherwise, it is easy to have sharp voice, hoarseness, broken sound, imbalance and other problems. As for the specific methods of the cooker, please go to the Internet to search for relevant knowledge, which will not be described here.