What is the real smart home - mai wei xun



Smart home should be the housekeeper of people's lives. They can help people solve many problems independently. Smartkoo intelligent remote monitoring expert said: "the smart home in the future will be as close as the housekeeper. It will understand and discover people's needs. For example, in the refrigerator at home, the thing you don't like the most, but you don't think of it, smart. The refrigerator should take the initiative to remind the owner. For example, the family protection system will automatically identify the invasion of bad people, give an alarm, lock the door and turn off the lights, and dial the alarm clock. This is the real smart home. "

All functions of smart home need big data, smart home needs back-end cloud platform, and mature smart home equipment needs mature big data technology as support, otherwise everything is empty talk.

Massive data, or massive data, refers to the large amount of data involved, which cannot be retrieved, managed, processed and organized in a reasonable time to help enterprises make business decisions. Purpose of the information. The core value of big data is to store and analyze big data. Compared with other existing technologies, the comprehensive cost of "cheap, fast and optimized" big data is the best.

The real smart home is not an artificial control automation, but a direct transfer of people's sensory feelings to family equipment, so that they can read and understand human thinking, and realize the direct dialogue between family equipment and human brain. This is the real smart home.