Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things will work together and eventually become one



The internet of things

The internet of things is becoming more and more popular in the 21stcencury .And today I will talk about it from six aspects.Including background,definition,history,application,future and more. First, Every crisis, new technologies will be spawned, and the new technology is the economy, especially the great driving force industry out of crisis. 2008, the global financial crisis also spawned the birth of a new economic driving force, the most respected people of things is the driving force.

Second, According to the literal meaning of explanation of things, also known as the sensor network, refers to a variety of information sensing devices and the Internet combine to form a huge network, will enable all of the items and network connections to facilitate the identification and management. Because of its comprehensive sense, reliable delivery, intelligent processing features, it is everyone that is the second computer, the Internet, mobile communication network again after the wave of the information industry.

Third, In 1995,Bill Gates refered to the concept of Internet of Things in《The road ahead》.

But the Internet of Things (Internet of Things) the word universally recognized at home and abroad Ashton, Professor of the MIT Auto-ID Center in 1999 first proposed to study RFID.

Fourth, Internet of things in the personal health, smart grid, public transportation and other aspects of the extremely wide range of applications. As long as an object embedded in a specific radio frequency tags, sensors and other devices connected to the Internet, will be able to form a large network systems, in this line, even thousands of miles away, people can easily learn and control of the object information.

Five, Some experts predict that 10 years things may be a large-scale popularity to become a trillion-scale high-tech market. Then, at the personal health, traffic control, environmental protection, public safety, peace at home, smart fire, industrial monitoring, elderly care in almost all areas, things will play a role. Some experts said that only three to five years time, things will be full access to people's lives, change people's way of life.